Press Kit – Alex Keller


Alex Keller is an audio artist, sound designer, curator and teacher based in Austin, Texas. His engagement with performance, installation, and recording is an outgrowth of his interest in architecture, language, abstraction and music. One of his distinctive features as a creator is his ability to show the act of research as having an aesthetic value in and of itself.


“Alex Keller is determined to explore a single powerful effect as far as he can take it, and document the journey. He seems delighted with the way he made the light fittings tremble with his playbacks; evidence of the true power of the subsonic taking its toll.”

Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

“It ends on the lowest note with everything vibrating and shaking, buried under that heavy weight of low, oscillating humming sounds… Excellent release.”

Frans DeWaard, Vital Weekly

“…long on concept, meditative, stately and grand.”

Muad’Dib at KJFC

“…shines with a striking intricacy which should please listeners looking for something to intrigue, mystify and challenge them.”

David Heaton, Erasing Clouds

“Intrinsically atonal fragments like the back side of the artificial, technological music around us, its contrast with the harmony between sound and silence in the quiet parts, careful collection of dissonantly sound events which are impossible to hear in half-ear (as much as you can’t escape the sense of reality of definite sounding objects when feel its presence aurally) – to follow my description, you should imagine works in musique concrete and other abstract styles of composition.”

Dmitry Vasilyev, IEM Webzine

“Though the intent of Keller’s experimentations aren’t always clear, the results are always unpredictable.”

David J. Opdyke, AmbiEntrance

Technical requirements for performance

  • Two circuits (one for audio and one for lights).
  • Two extension cords (one for audio and one for lights).
  • Two DI boxes (he will send a stereo pair).




Photo by Michael Reust, 2016

Photo by Matt LaComette, 2016

Photo by George Pasterk, 2016

Photo by Michael Reust, 2016