On World Listening Day, Wednesday, July 18, the public is invited to meet Phonography Austin group members at Duncan Park at 7:00 PM in Austin, Texas. The theme for World Listening Day 2018 is Future Listening; we will consider how the soundscape of Austin has changed and how it will continue to change.

We will conduct a listening exercise, provide an introduction to sound maps, and have a soundwalk along Shoal Creek to Lady Bird Lake and back, concluding roughly by 8:30 PM.

Participants should wear walking shoes, bring water and something to write with, and are encouraged to bring sound recording devices.

  • July 18, 2018
  • 7:00 PM
  • Duncan Park
  • 900 West 9th Street
  • Austin, TX 78705

World Listening Day is an annual global event, held on July 18, to celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments, raise awareness about the growing number of individual and group efforts that creatively explore acoustic ecology, and design and implement educational initiatives that explore these concepts and practices.

This year’s theme is Future Listening, created by Filipino sound artist Teresa Barrozo.The theme calls for reimagining a personal and universal future through listening. Participants are encouraged to examine their hopes, dreams, ambitions and fears for the future and reflect on the question, “What does your future sound like?”

Phonography Austin is an arts organization that works on projects related to phonography (the creation and presentation of field recordings as art objects) and acoustic ecology (the study of the effects of the acoustic environment on those living within it).