What is Escardrone? Only a revolutionary way to listen to music. Tiny solar-powered turntables are mounted on snails and set loose in your garden. Turn any outdoor space into a music hall. The basic kit comes with 10 snails, 10 turntable systems, and your choice of 15 mini records. Choose from the tracks above: download them all to sample.

The two brekekekexkoaxkoax tracks are simulated mixes of 17 turntable snails playing in a front garden in Austin, Texas on a sunny day as a listener slowly walks through the garden. Listen on headphones for better 3D imaging. Clouds and local conditions may effect actual listening experience.

Email josh (at) ronsen (dott) org for any questions.


released October 15, 2017

Published by Hushroom Records.
Color Snail art by Peter Urkowitz.
LP Shell Snail art by Dei Xhrist.


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