COTFG 2018 New Media Art and Sound Summit includes performances at Ground Floor Theater, Dimension Gallery and insideThe Resonant Lung with:

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Mélanie Genin, Dallas Acid + Hairy Sands,ECCO Screen, Dane Rousay + Megan Easely, Vicky Mettler, PrismATX,Thomas Echols + Invoke, Seth Graham (Orange Milk Records), Quite Eyes of Air (workshop & performance), DAMN Ensemble, Lovely War,Ara Hernandez, Mongoose, Victor Lovlorne, bright blue beetle typewriter consort, Mister Smile, Charlie Russell & friends, Ted CareyMatt LaCometteJeff Young & Paul Pinto, ‘CONFESSIONAL’ (featuringJamison Williams, Jim Ivy, Thomas Milovac, and Charles Pagano),Leisure Muffin, Try Not To Make Sounds, Primary Mystical Experience,Many Birthdays, The Ak’chamel Giver Of Illness, Phonography Austin,Ben Aqua, Tarotron, Couture Voltage, DAMN Ensemble, and a few others TBA soon!

Admission is $5-$15 per set at any time at the door but the best way to support our program is by purchasing a day pass or entire weekend event pass for $50.

Thursday July 19 – 8pm – 9pm (free opening celebration)
Friday July 20 – 6pm – 1am ( purchase day pass for $30)
Saturday July 21 – 11am to 1am ( purchase day pass for $30)
Sunday July 22 – 11am to 10pm ( purchase day pass for $30)

Support our entire program by purchasing the 3-day pass for $50.